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Job Details

QA Tech 1

at ReadyPac

Posted: 10/7/2019
Job Reference #: 5000321478106

Job Description

Main Purpose of the Job

Home of the original Bistro Bowl® complete meal salad, Southern California-based Ready Pac Foods has been giving people the freedom to eat healthier for nearly 50 years as a premier producer of convenience fresh meal solutions, salads and fresh cut produce. With processing facilities throughout the United States, Ready Pac Foods manufactures a complete range of products featuring fresh produce and protein under the company's Bistro®, Ready Snax®, Cool Cuts® and elevAte™ brands. Offerings include fresh-cut salads, fruits, vegetables, snacking and complete meals distributed where consumers buy groceries and in restaurant chains across North America. For more information, visit


This role is a key QA role within our manufacturing plant and supports QA team leads as they ensure compliance with food safety and quality requirements by fully embracing the Company's RCE philosophy. This position is exposed to multiple refrigerated areas within production. Position responsible for performing finished goods check and sampling for PCT testing (Hold & Release products).


Key Outputs (list the main areas in which the job must deliver in order to achieve its purpose)


Measurements/Performance Indicators

Drive profitability of our products

Performance efficiency, rework, OEE, Production Specification compliance

Delight consumers with a commitment to quality

FO, KPI, Quality Response, Consumer Complaints

Maintain a safe work environment


Drive growth of our products

Fill Rate, Labor & Yield Efficiencies

100% engaged on the Company's RCE Culture

Engagement Survey and RCE Phase Assessment results


Tasks (what are the standard processes/tasks performed in the position?)

Follows GMP/PPE, Safety guidelines

Scheduling Adherence

Follow & maintain HACCP & Sanitation guidelines & processes

Ability to be crossed trained & multitask in multiple positions

Ability to communicate (verbally & in writing to complete required documentation

Maintain a safe work environment

Understands requirements for product sampling

Samples product following PCT sampling procedures established by Customer and Corp. QA.

Samples finished product for Hold & Release PCT sampling as required by customers

Complies with customer requirements

Conducts Seal Integrity tests on finished products

Identifies non-conformances, documents it and reports it to PMO/SMO and production leads for immediate follow up

Preparation, Logging, and Submission of Samples for Hold and Release Tests


Use QA access database to log in leaks, and sample submissions as needed

PCT Sampling

Repetitive motion (sample collection -2 grams per minute on each sample taken)

Ensure PMOs/SMOs perform equipment adjustments as needed to ensure 100% compliance with seal integrity


Clean / Fill up Haug tank at start-up of shift and maintain tank water level / cleanliness throughout the shift.

Ensure GMPs are maintained.

Related skills for QA Tech 1:

  • Ability to detect abnormalities
  • Ability to correct abnormalities and restore functioning
  • Ability to audit optimum equipment conditions (Haug Tank)




Knowledge (What special information does the person need to know?)


  • GED/High School Diploma
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking English
  • Comprehension of basic math
  • Basic Computer Skills



Key Experiences (What experiences are key to the success to this job?)


  • Willingness to work in a cold environment
  • Able to work flexible schedule
  • Ability to work in fast paced environment
  • Team player-able to work on a team
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to work independently


Core Competencies (individual skill, talent or insight that allows a person to perform a task masterfully)



D or HD

(Developed or Highly Developed)

Drives the Business


Results Orientation-the ability to identify actions necessary to achieve task completion and to obtain results; the ability to meet schedules, deadlines, quotes, and performance goals.


Ability to work in a team -- the ability to work within a team to collectively execute a process. Is skilled at listening to different points of view, offers own perspective and is focused on the greater good of the team than on personal gain


Priority Setting -- is able to manage competing demands and identify those that are most important to complete first in order to ensure efficient operations.


Urgency- The job requires decisiveness, quick response, fast action. It will often be involved in critical situations demanding that on-the -spot decision be made with good judgment. The job will repeatedly face important deadlines that must met on time.


Commitment to Excellence


Attention to Detail-The ability to see and pay attention to details; the ability to recognize the component parts of a procedure or object, and to verify the correctness or error in an individual part or procedure.


Flexibility-The ability to readily modify, respond to, and integrate change with minimal personal resistance.


Following Direction- The ability to effectively hear, understand, and follow directions or instructions; the willingness to postpone making personal decisions, or taking action, until you have openly listed to what you are being to do.


Problem Solving/Critical thinking - ability to analyze information and escalate identified issues as needed


Make the Difference


Commitment to the job- Motivation from within oneself to stay focused and committed to a task.


Emotional Control-The ability to maintain a rational and objective demeanor when faced with stressful or emotional situations; a measure of self-composure in a difficult situation and the ability to act objectively, rather than impulsively or emotionally.


Communicate Effectively -- can get messages across that have the desired effect, can clearly articulate an instruction or message, is able to understand communication from leaders and translate into day-today actions.


Personal Accountability-The ability to be responsible for the consequences of one's own actions and decisions; taking responsibly for these decision and not shifting focus on blame or poor performance somewhere else or on others.


Initiative-The ability to direct one's energies towards the completion of a goal, without an external catalyst; the ability to initiate actions based on one's own interpretation or understanding of a situation.



Core Values/Other Personal Qualities (Behaviors the person needs to exhibit)


Treats everyone with dignity and makes others feel appreciated

Is candid with peers in a ways that maintains self-esteem

Leverages diversity of backgrounds and experience in their work

Results for Orientation

Can be counted on to achieve or exceed expectations

Uses metrics to understand, communicate and monitor progress

Makes necessary course corrections to achieve results

Bias for Action

Seizes opportunities and acts decisively

Maintains a sense of urgency

Takes responsible risks in order to move quickly


Demonstrates curiosity and gains insights through asking questions

Shares information and teaches others

Creates an environment that is comfortable for others to speak and actively listens


Takes winning seriously while not taking themselves too seriously

Truly enjoys others achievements as much as their own

Spontaneously celebrates victories and actively finds ways to make work fun